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About the Hunts

Jason and Christin met in Music Theory class at The Master's University, where Christin was the loud alto and Jason was the quiet tenor. They bonded over green hair, disc golf, late-night homework at the Saugus Cafe, and BJ's pazookies, and were married just after graduation in '07.


Kaden, Alethea, and Auna joined the family in '08, '11 and '14, and the clan moved a dozen times, relocating from LA, to Grass Valley, to Eureka, back to Grass Valley, and then to the Bay Area. Working with the music and children's ministries in their 4 churches, Jason and Christin grew in their love for serving the body of believers.

When the opportunity to church plant was realized in August of 2022, the Hunts joined Trinity Church of Benicia, receiving the training necessary to be equipped to start a church in the Napa Valley. Jason continued pursuing his MDiv at Cornerstone while also pulpit filling in churches across the Bay Area. 

The Hunts are currently working to secure prayer partners, funding, and a core team with the goal of opening the doors of a church in Calistoga in Summer of 2024.

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