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Current Needs


(From the blog update HERE)

We are ready to start fundraising and team building! We will be looking for folks who want to see the gospel brought to the parts of California where the residents are so circumstantially comfortable that they don't realize they are in need of rescuing. We are inviting our fellow believers to contribute in three primary ways:

  1. YOUR PRAYERS. We are in desperate need for our friends and family and fellow believers to lift up the town of Calistoga before the Lord. There are 5000 people in need of Jesus, and Jesus is even now working in the hearts of those whom we will have the opportunity to care for. Pray for Calistoga. And pray for us. That we might be wise and discerning as we use our time and resources, and that our marriage and family would be strengthened as we seek Jesus first.

  2. FUNDS TOWARD RENOVATIONS FOR THE CALISTOGA CHURCH. Jesus has already gone before us in this undertaking, as He has orchestrated the availability of contractors and designers who are also excited to see this church plant happen. The costs have only barely begun to be examined, though we know there's need for handicap access ramps, carpeting, new chairs, restrooms, office areas, updated paint and windows, in addition to an awning at the entrance, tree removal, and probably a hundred other things. We hope to offer our supporters opportunities to sponsor a stack of chairs, an ADA ramp, and other necessities.

  3. FUNDS TOWARD OUR ABILITY TO SURVIVE. Moving to the Bay Area has been quite the change in the cost of living, and the move to the Napa Valley will be exponentially more so. We anticipate our monthly living expenses to be nearly $9000/month, which just about gives me a conniption! BUT. If Jesus calls us to that area, He will prepare the means to survive there for as long as it takes to be faithful in what He wants us to accomplish. We have been counseled to anticipate the Calistoga church being fully self-sustainable within 5 years, so this category is not a long-term need. And though I am gearing up my heart to be content in a yurt or an RV and selling all my books, I am trusting that Jesus is preparing a home where we can host Bible studies and counseling, and have a place that will allow our kiddos to be comfortable.

  4. A COMMITTED CORE TEAM. The wildest prayer we are expecting God to provide for are a few families who currently live in Calistoga, or who are called to MOVE to the town as members of church, fully invested in seeing this church plant thrive.

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